Rakiura Hunter Camp Trust



Orgnised by Rob McGregor, Taranaki and South Taranaki Branches of NZDA raised $5000  and sent six branch members, Rob McGregor,John Wells, Alex Reeves, Mike Webber, Rod Rayner and Colin Machrae to the Island in June 2001.  Ray Phillips, Mike Withers and John Bonn from Southland Branch assisted them to build a hunters hut at Abrahams Bay to replace the plastic bivvy that was there.  The original hut was basic but has since been upgraded.  Tent space is available.



 Access:    By charter from Bluff or by Ferry and water taxi from Halfmoon Bay.Abrahams Bay has an extensive mudflat in front of the hut and may require a lot of ferrying of your gear.   If possible, time your pickup for the top of the tide when it is possible to get to the access track in front of the hut.  Having a dinghy and outboard is a distinct advantage.


                                        Half Tide                                                          High Tide                                           The mooring that was  about 200 metres north from the hut had disappeared in 2022.  We suggest you set up a running anchor (diagram below) in the spot the dinghy is in the picture above. It is a two minute walk from the hut and the closest place that low water gets to the shore. A Kewene anchor will hold very well there. 




 In 2023 another mooring has been established in deepwater outside the mudflats. RHCT has no knowldge of its security and you use at your own risk.


Communication.   Cell phone reception on the stones in front of the hut.


Abrahams Bay:

 A large Bay east of Pryse Peak on the South side of Paterson Inlet.  Aperahama,anglise “Abraham” a tall well built maori lived in the bay in the days gone by.  He died some years ago at the Neck

 Stewart Island and its Placenames.  By Basil Howard Southland Times Magazine  24 December 1927.



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