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Click here to submit your hunter report after your trip.   Link to Hunter Reports


There is nothing more valuable than accurate information.


Submitting a hunter report at the conclusion of your hunt provides  some of that information.  Your report  provides the Trust with your observations at our hut sites and can quickly alert us to issues that need attention.  Remember, the Trust cannot visit a hut more than once a year and we rely on hunters to keep us informed.


The second part of the report allows us to collect information on hunter effort on Stewart Island.   This information is very helpful when it comes to advocating  for hunting on Stewart Island.  Your individual reports from specific blocks are not made public.  The information is collated and a summary is made available.  Click here to see a  10 yearly summary.  of hunter reports.


Hunter reports have been the only way of identifying the input of hunters to controlling deer on Stewart Island.  


The number of reports fluctuates but there have been some consistent  facts over the years.

  •  An average of eight deer seen by each party
  •  An average of 2 deer shot by each party
  • The average hunter  takes 10 days to shoot one whitetail deer.
  • In that 10  days he only see four whitetail deer.
  • One deer seen for every 2.5 days hunting.
  • To increase the number of deer taken increase the hunting opportunity


Please submit a report at the end of your trip.    Link to Hunter Reports


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