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By John DeLury


      Published in 2021   It covers many of the great  Stewart Island Whitetail deer trophies and the hunts involved in  securing them. Some hunts go back to the 1960's and also included is  the new #1 record buck which was shot on the Island in 2021. Many of the stories are in the words of the successful hunters.  Also included is the history of  safari hunting at Mason Bay.  Thirty blocks are included within the pages as well as a some other Island adventures.  This book is a companion to my first book which is sold out.


The book has 320 pages, with over 200 pictures and is in full  colour  throughout.  The print run is limited and is available only from the auther.  It is not available from bookshops.   Book cost is $40 plus postage.   Email me to secure  your copy -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The following review was written by Daryl Crimp for "The Fishing Paper & New Zeland Hunting News"

Following the sell out success of his first book Chasing Whitetails, accomplished hunter and raconteur John Delury has answered hunters’ cries for an encore with this stunning sequel.  With over 300 pages of stories, tips, information, lore, facts and data pertaining to whitetail and amply supported with colour photos, Chasing Whitetail Bucks is a must read for all New Zealand whitetail hunters.

Stewart Island is one of New Zealand’s last frontiers and popular with hunters, divers and fishers: around 3000 hunters annually ply the coastal forests, beaches and swamps in the hope of securing a trophy buck.  With a population estimated at about 7,000, opportunities are there but to secure a ‘good head’ requires specialist knowledge, skill, determination and luck.  Genetics are varied, which adds to the magic of hunting New Zealand whitetail.

In writing this book John sought assistance from other hunters and was surprised by the avalanche of material, which he attributes to Kiwi’s passion for hunting these ’fantastic little deer’.  That passion exudes from every page as John has skilfully woven together a weighty tomb comprising his own experiences and knowledge with other hunters’ stories, anecdotes, tips and photos.  Mingled with the pure adventure of the hunt are insights to various blocks, intriguing history and recordings of the trophy values of whitetail.  Included in the back is practical advice on shopping and gear lists and, for the trophy hunter, a comprehensive Stewart Island Record Book of heads taken, with measurements and scores.

Chasing Whitetail Bucks is a classy book, one to pour over and one that will withstand rereading… and rereading.  My pick is it will quickly sell out so don’t dally if you are in the mind to purchase a copy.  It is not available in store but from the author only.  To secure your copy: email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 0276925338, with delivery and contact details.





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